What are your fees?

We work on the basis of an initial registration fee which covers a period of 12  months search then a % commission based on the purchase price of the property or 15% of the negotiated saving (whichever is the greater). The negotiated saving being the difference between the asking price and the purchase price. The [...]


Do you only find me a property to buy?

No. Once we have negotiated an agreed offer we then help you through the buying process and offer advice every step of the way until the property has exchanged. We then offer and arrange details of the best professionals to help you move which includes surveyors, solicitors, architects, interior designers, builders, and movers.


Why is Sussex Homesearch so highly regarded?

The company has one of the best reputations for obtaining prime houses in West Sussex for our clients’ and meeting their expectations both in terms of service and value. The fact is that we have access to more properties over £1,000,000 than anyone else in the area we operate. We offer absolute confidentiality when dealing [...]

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